Usually in the header, at the top of the page is a tab with information about the author.  The thing is, there isn’t one, a distinct separate me.  While there is ostensibly an appearance, it is just that.  See it on a marquee of the magic theatre.  “Pure Awareness now appearing as….” Some looking for this entity come upon the amusing realization that what is being looked for is what is looking.  What would be the name of such an entity?  What is your name?  Isn’t it the same me that everyone is referring to when referencing themselves?   It is almost silly to have made such a little mistake with such huge consequences.  Like looking for your glasses, which unbeknownst to you, are perched on the top of your own head!  Have a look for yourself and you will quickly discover that there isn’t one!

If you do find a discrete location for this impostor, let me know.

“I’m Nobody!  Who are you?  Are you-Nobody-Too?”  Emily Dickinson

These musings, mostly poems are written in various styles and meters.  Words are entirely useless because they are only symbols.  The word water will never quench a thirst.  As meager and inadequate as they are poems seem to be the best expression because they bridge the literary to the visual.  Poems elicit vision, not only with the eyes, but with the heart and the senses, and so are not merely words.  The seen and the un-seen are the same.  Poetry is that seeing of the invisible.  They are only written because they cannot be resisted.

“The invisible things of God from the foundation of the world are made manifest by the visible.  What you see comes out of what you don’t see; what you do see interprets what you don’t see; what you do see is what you don’t see in the form of what you do see.  It cannot be something else.  The universe has to be an undivided and indivisible totality, whose whole essence appears at any and every point within it simultaneously and evenly distributed. ”  

Ernest Holmes

Please In-joy.

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