Earth Sanctuary


Sepia road at the end of the drive

Winter-framed by grey poplar on one side

Evergreen-frame for the rest, bush and bough

The road covers over that which abides


Across the road is a large working barn

A man is laboring, tending the ground

Frost covers the field, diamond-sparkling cold

Above, a highway, muffled traffic, the sound


Cattle in the field breath white plumes in the air

Arching o’er the field at the top of the hill

An elaborate house, all windows, one side

This scene is viewed from Earth Mother’s reside


The house is on land both ancient and deep

Ferns sequoia-sized loomed in ages closed

Trails are riven through rotting leaf and log

Juxtaposed aeons in one single pose


The trails are dotted with stacked-stone cairns

Ending in circles of Henge-megalith

Prayer flags trail from the porch up through the land

Purple, yellow, green, red, wind-blown prayers


The house is a retreat, cultures swirled in time

Wall-Mart Mr. Coffee, Tenzin-blessed

Rubber Maid box in the corner holding

Bright white prayer shawls from the Lama, all pressed


All the time ever was in one single spot

All the people of earth living in peace

On earth as in heaven; above only sky