When the mind is occupied with with the illusion that it is a separate, distinct entity, a someone worthy of self pity who is not good enough, or the converse, the greatest of all, that is the monkey mind chatter that breaks the underlying silence that is the root, the essence, of everything and every apparent someone.

When you are occupied with something you love and you forget yourself, you are at peace and not chattering away, that is when the underlying silence reveals itself.  What is real does not come and go, what is not real is the illusion of separation.  The illusion of separation is what the Ego is, and it is the clever little monkey who hungers for the triumph of being the one in charge of all of this, but we must not listen, for it is the liar from the beginning, the one that talked us into leaving Paradise, in the first place.  That is the true meaning of the Fall from Grace.  That is the real lie, the forbidden fruit,  the knowledge of good and evil, of duality.  One essence is appearing as everyone!  The illusion, the mistake is that a confusion arises that takes itself to be separate from that in which it is arising.  It is a small mistake that gives rise to great suffering.  The suffering of being someone when you are not really anyone at all!  When this truth is recognized life takes on an ease, a lifting of the tremendous burden of maintaining and holding the Eternal Self into this one person, alone and adrift in this great existence! When a shimmering mirage is seen it dissolves.  An illusion once seen is just that an illusion.  A dream upon awakening is seen as just that, a dream.  No great effort is required, in fact, effort can be a hinderance.  Calm steady awareness of the underlying Truth is all that is needed.  Since the perfect Silence that is underlying everything and everyone it is easy to find.  We all experience it everyday, just recognize it.  You know very well where it is.  It is your own essence, your own Heart.


“O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a
king of infinite space—were it not that I have bad dreams.”

Hamlet Act 2, scene 2