So many words, billions and trillions

One of them is the secret name of God

As soon as it’s spoken

God is nowhere to be found

No matter

Do we need “Him” to take the next breath?

With every breath a billion microbes are born, live their lives and are extinguished.  Everything is arising and disappearing in that which does not arise and disappear.  Being itself, naked awareness has always been, alpha to omega, without beginning or end and hardly ever even noticed because it’s always there, the substratum of waking, dreaming and sleeping.

That in which all of these serial states appear and have duration and then cease, but being itself does not.  It is indivisible.  Subtract everything and you are left with nothing.  What is that!  No-thing is everything!  You, the person, the entity are absolutely unnecessary.  This temporal self, this mischief maker, this poser, this liar from the beginning, the namer of things that need no names.  Names are just words.  Words are not the things that they name.  Things are not even the things, they are nothing.  Everything is Nothing!

There is not a single thing, no one, no where that is not being, seeing and knowing.