The perfect innocence of a child
spinning in circles
on the greenest green lawn
of Summer’s day

Dizziness the object
rapid the spin
eyes closed, arms spread wide
like wings

Neighbor kids shouting and playing
up and down the street
people talking on the porch
cars driving by
the sound of a breeze in the leaves
of the tree arching over the yard

Falling to the ground
arms and legs akimbo
spinning round and round
like the earth round the sun
Everything is shining

In a flash it all disappears in
the heat of the sun
a fraction of time so small
it is no longer a measure at all
Everything is shining
all at once
the kids up the street
the people on the porch
and the cars driving by

A mysterious feeling arises
of having no name
of being no one at all
The ground stops spinning
and everything comes back
but the flash of that moment
never recedes but remains
with a knowing
of one day disappearing again
to never come back