Everyone has a common experience which needs no verification from anyone else.  Each has seen the awareness of the body appear and develop and change.  At what point it became someone in particular no one can say exactly.  It is said to start at about the age of two.  Birth, infancy, childhood, youth, young adult, adult, old age and death.  The witness of these various stages has not moved one iota, has not changed at all; no time has passed for this one.  Who is that?  Who witnesses each moment, waking, dreaming, sleeping and deep sleep and does not move one iota?  Equally certain and needing no verification is the feeling of being, of existing.  No one can deny this common experience.  What comes and goes cannot be real.  With even the most cursory glance it can be seen, it isn’t complicated at all, it is completely obvious, but is seen only when the identification of this witness with and as the body is seen through and recognized as the mistake in perception that it is.  If you were the body you could not see the body!  What you cannot see is the seeing and that is what is real and is the beginingless source of being.  Being is not anything, has no form and yet like space holds everything.  This recognition is when time disappears and you disappear and the veil is drawn revealing the already permanently existing, underlying eternity, which often bears a remarkable resemblance to the one that just disappeared and yet, not.