The nature of the universe is energy. Any physicist will confirm that everything is energy emerging into the visible spectrum from invisible “dark matter” as light and refining itself as the manifest universe. The greatest light show ever!

The jewel of attention is the mechanism of its operation in conscious beings. No special equipment is needed in order to test it’s pure power, as it is standard gear for all sentient beings. The word sentient means aware. Sit still for one second and peruse your surroundings and take note of its laser like intensity.

In the same way light, ordinary light, is focused into a powerful laser beam that can be used for any number of applications. What we give attention to is a very effective tool for aiming this very powerful instrument that can be used for investigating Reality itself, what we ignore fades into the subconscious. Ignorance can be used to create Heaven or Hell. Like any powerful tool it doesn’t care what it is used for. Sentience can be raised up to Heaven or cast into Hell. The myth of the Fall is very much about the power of ignorance. The division of Light, and tasting the fruit of good and evil, of duality, opposites.

What is Real is the light, what is not, is the illusion of its division. What is permanent is what is Real. What is divided and constantly changing into different colors and shapes is what comes and goes, has a beginning and an end, is shifting and shimmering in a marvelous display, but is really like a very clever trick. The light passing through the lens of a movie projector is an excellent metaphor for the same phenomena. The light on the screen appears to be real, to have dimension. One can be completely mesmerized by the story and the picture, but a mere glance to the back of the theatre will instantly reveal the trick. Don’t be fooled! The snake is telling you a lie!

Meditation is a very useful tool for achieving this awareness and restoring, sentience to its whole condition. The metaphor is used in any number of mythical traditions. The most obvious being the illumination of Buddha seated, unmoving, beneath the Bodhi tree. The onslaught of the power of Maya the goddess of illusion being seen through and defeated. To mediate or direct attention is the essence of the matter and has evolved past the need for metaphor and parable or the need for a religious context into a simple direct observation that anyone can do. All you need to do is notice the incontrovertible truth that you exist, which cannot be denied, even if you try. Who can deny their own existence? Who would that be?

What we direct our attention to has the power to illuminate or delude. The power of ignorance is very great. Meditation guides perception to what is Real and once it is seen it can’t be denied. Meditation becomes, always was, the permanent view. Everything shines in the light, indeed, is the light! The division between the seen and the un-seen evaporates.

Be asleep to the World and awake to the Self who is the Light. Ignore the light or turn in your seat and see that it’s just a trick, a great big show. Don’t fall from grace! Awake from the dream and disappear in the Light!