On the TV is a scene of traffic and noise, clamoring
crowds, yellow tape and men dressed in black.
In the sea of people bustling for a view is a
bright white patch of white moving in a strange
Bubble-Silence through cars and noise and crowds.
The camera telescopes, you can see, it’s a man
dressed in pure white ceremonial robes
and a plain white cap on the crown of his head.

People are clamoring for just a glimpse, a touch
or a selfie for themselves on their phones.
If he were to doff the robes of white and change
to a pair of jeans and a clean simple shirt,
he could disappear in the crowd, but he can’t.
He’s got a job that requires him to play a part.
So do You.

The crowds want him to be like Jesus.
Some wish for themselves, to squeeze through
the eye of the needle and to increase in the World.
Some want to touch the hem of his garment to be healed.

Like a white fish he swims through black limos,
men dressed in black, and yellow lines of tape
to kiss the children’s
rainbow innocent faces

He tells them from the steps of the cathedral
where the crowds have gathered to hear.
I am just a human, just like you and you are like me,
no better no worse.

For the first priest in this Church,
the message to give was the same.
My Father is your Father, He loves me, He loves you.
You can do the same. Be kind, be gentle and
generous, love your neighbors as yourself.

Love is the greatest commandment,
the Golden rule,
the keys to the Kingdom.
As above so below.