Please don’t pray for me
I would fall from grace if you did.

Would you pray for every leaf about to fall?
Every leaf knows a many colored demise,
bright green birth as a sprig into
the colors of fire, red, yellow and orange,
in every possible shade, falling to the
forest floor, a carpet, dull and brown.

Every star in sky is dying and knows,
it’s brilliant, unbearable, brightness
is fading to a dull red to black
as it draws the surround into
pure void, the blackness of space.

Each gentle breath of every child
in pure, perfect, innocent sleep
brings a million tiny lives to an end.
Microbial existence in spans of time
so small they hardly measure, at all.

The leaves know of their sleep under
a blanket of ice and snow and of
their return in the spring.

The stars are reborn in Universal
Cradles of Nebula fire.

Tiny lives give birth in chemical
exchange, transforming, swimming
in a blue-green sea full of life.

The leaves and the stars and
The sea full of life seem to know
Resurrection’s promise.
We pretend and seem to not.

Before you pray for me,
Pray for them, if you feel the need.

My life and theirs are the same.
There is only One life and it
Isn’t mine, nor is it theirs,
It just Is.

Please don’t pray for me
I would fall from grace if you did.