The conductor taps the baton on the podium,
arms raised straight in the air, poised and ready.
Everyone knows what to do.
Let go! Listen! Be aware. Appreciate!

Fall into Silence, un-clamor, drop everything.
Come to a stop, wait for the first chord
of the the first song.
Be still and know.

Before the first sound; immobility.
Nothing makes a sound until something
moves, resists, causes Vibration.
Like a bow across a string, air blown across
a reed, or into a tube.

The softest sound a baby can make
begins with a breath, to draw air in,
preparing to make a cry for it’s food.

A tiny chest must expand and contract,
defining dimension, in and out, up and down,
a microcosm of life, existence, even time and space.

The most ancient secret of all is Silence.
Even the Creator must stop and be perfectly still.

The Great Song begins with a Void,
Silence upon the Deep!
Spirit’s breath moves across the waters
and makes a note, not the first, but the second,
Silence is the first note of the Great Song.

Silence doesn’t come and go.
Alpha to Omega, beginning without end.
Eternity is the endless empty Hall
where the Symphony is played.