I have been trying to make a shadow box of
my life, my loves, weddings, jobs and such,
to showcase all of my accomplishments.
I have had it on my list of things to do
for years, and still, there’s nothing in it.
I wonder why? Lazy, I suppose.

Why was Pandora’s box already full
and I can find nothing at all?
Who had filled her box? Zeus, I suppose.
The Imagination of the Gods is endlessly strange.
Starting with separating and taking apart
That which is already Complete and Whole,
a total Impossibility, by the way.
Like taking a perfect peach apart,
molecule by molecule and popping
one in your mouth expecting that same sweet
delight as when your mother gave you your
very first taste.

Taking things apart has never been easy for me,
I can only speak for myself.
For some, it is a pleasure and an ease.
Seems too complicated to me and
makes such a mess.

When Pandora first opened her box and
let loose the things in the world that we see.
She didn’t know they were mere phantoms,
vestige and trace, except for the Hope,
at the bottom of the box,
Mere images of what is Real.
Shadows are, after all, just the shades
of puppets blocking the light,
on the wall of the cave.

When the shadows scattered for display,
fear and isolation were needed as tools.

What place has Greed if abundance is the rule?

If pure Love is the essence of each and everyOne,
Jealousy and Lust are out-shined in its light.

What is Envy if no one is above or below,
no measure, no scale.

If E= MC squared and everything and every one
is made of Energy with a capitol E,
when the fount of all power is spewing forth
into all that there is.
Sloth makes no sense, doesn’t pass the test.

If the Horn of Plenty is flowing and full,
there is no lack.
There is more than enough for every ME.
What possible use for Gluttony?

If every one is part and parcel linked,
inextricably One,
then there is no Other to fear
and no need for dread and its terrible spawn,
Wrath is its name, War its Game.

If Prometheus hadn’t stolen Fire.
Had he sided with Zeus instead of Man,
Unchained from the Rock he would be.

If Lucifer hadn’t challenged the Seraphim
for God’s perfect Love,
Had he embraced the Holy Host,
he would have never suffered The Fall.
He would have never have gone to War
to prove his own worth.
Pride would have never been named
or ever even been a word at all.