God is nothing but a concept, and not a very good one.  Anything with a definition is just that, a thing, and there is no such a thing as God.  Let’s be clear about this, once and for all.  God does not exist!  Existence, itself is not a thing, but that in which things arise;  in and of itself, it is, no-thing.  You are looking for something, most people are, which is why we miss it.  Quite literally, not figuratively, we are looking for what we are looking with.  Awareness, bare and without a name is that No-thing.  How can an eye see itself?

 More often than not we are looking in the wrong direction, out there where things appear and disappear, instead of into what never comes and goes, but that in which things arise, abide for a time, then fade.  There is one essence appearing as everything, but it is not a thing, at all, and, most definitely not some angry, vengeful, capricious, parody of a Supreme Person!  There is nothing to look for and nothing to believe in.

Just stop, for one split second and notice that there is nothing else.  Only this awareness, which is the state beneath all of the others that does not come and go. Waking, sleeping, dreaming, life, death, all of which, appear and disappear in that which does not.  There are no words for That, no definition whatsoever, and yet, once noticed, Reality is completely obvious. It is really no more complicated than that.