Every leaf on a tree
falls from the branch
to the dirt, withered,
spent, decayed,
dissolved into soil,
washed away in the rain

Every star in the sky
one day will implode,
dark-mattered, black-holed,
never to be seen again.

Each Grape on the vine,
every one, is trampled
into wine and drunk,
then pissed away.

Jehovah is a terrible God
asking terrible things.
Sacrifice what is dearest
with abandon and faith.

Though trembling with fear,
stack the wood for the fire,
keep hid the knife.
We must give all we love
to be born again, Redeemed.

Lay down like Isaac
on the dark alter of dread.
Make yourself ready,
bare your open chest
and give your heart,
even if it’s to be eaten
by the One you love.