Moon is having a laugh today.
It starts with a quarter smile in
a blue day sky and beams
a Cheshire Cat grin
on ancient red rocks.
It knows the giant
red stones, strewn
in melted, twisted scape
eons ago, are dissolving
like lumps of salt on the
Shore of the Cosmos.

When Fire belched magma
from the core of the Earth
and Water carved the canyon’s path
they did not choose the convoluted course
as they sculpted the massive,
towering, molten red spires,
and tumbled, giant, balanced rocks,
precariously perched.

Water flows to where
it will, as is its nature.
It carves with patience,
the path of least resistance,
not with hammer and
chisel the way Humans do.

Men and woman
think themselves
free to do as they will,
make it happen,
damn the consequence.

Moon knows, as do Fire and Water
that freedom is a Myth,
bondage an illusion.
All is as It is.