God is a completely unnecessary idea, no concept is needed for Reality, for the energy and mystery; the obvious actuality of Existence that is the source of All that is.
Religion and spirituality are useful enough as rudimentary indicators, pointers, if you will, to what is underlying and emanating as life, itself, not “my” life but that in which life appears and disappears. Beyond that, as history can abundantly demonstrate, it can be counterproductive, even extremely destructive, to the full expression of that perfect subtle, indestructible, permanent, substratum that is the REAL. As soon as it is referred to it is gone.
Words are useless, but all we have, in this realm, to indicate, to turn the view inward to the perceiver, or, should I say perceiving, as, once this is realized, there can be no such a thing part from “That”. Undivided and indivisible. Full stop!