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Two birds are living in my mind tree
One watches the other flutter about
The first bird is posed tableau-motionless
The second turns round and sees the other
Everything in the tree comes to a stop

Breezes of hope whispering in the leaves
Insects of doubt and woe gnawing the roots
Silence envelopes the tree like the night
Morning dawns as Earth turns to face the Sun
One bird remains singing songs to the Light



A copse of lilacs not far from my house,
Sends a muse of delight riding the air,
Purple beauty and grace borne to my breath.
Sensed from a mile away; to them, I must go.
Lavender to purple, white and pink between.
A sight to be seen before they are gone,
Scent of April and Spring’s lazy days,
Of childhood joy, of Mother’s perfume.

This is the reason I love them so much.
They know they are fading as they appear.
Beauty so exquisite that it’s almost an ache.
The same fading is in us and in All.
Lilacs seem know while we seem to not.
As soon as we’re seen we’re already gone.

Resurrection’s wisdom hidden in plain sight.
Drying to faded brown clumps by Fall.
Sleeping in Winter’s white, icy cold cowl,
Awake in the bright green carpet of Spring.
We appear and disappear just the same.
Lilacs seem to know while we seem to not.


The living scripture of simple being

is the truth, not the morass and tangle

of words about ideas about ideas


What is real is veiled by concepts and words

A white on white sail in the mist, half seen

Intuitions’s divine dewdrop condensing


Palimpsest traces on a map, barely seen

Blank, un-touched, silk screen surface of the Real

Waiting the touch of the artist un-seen


Every sense is like lightening next to thought

Good wine or bread is known without a word

Sunshine on skin, a cool splash of water


Love radiating from hearts, is not a word

The softest whisper of a baby’s breath

Pure silence in the morning’s golden hue


Poetry’s as near as words ever get

to the beauty of what’s really true

Visibility’s edge is what is traced

Timeless moments reveal un-seen as seen



Bright sun’s dappling green-dance in the trees

The breeze is humming it’s song to the air

The singing is weaving it’s song with my breath

The Unseen is seen as waves in the grass


Wondering the words to the murmuring song,

Memory’s flimsy net is cast on the waves

Retrieving naught but nebulous stands,

An ancient strum of music I should know


Shining light-glowing meadow and field

Could I gather in a bottle all this light?

Behind the  bright blue-glazed dome of the day,

Would every star in the sky fit in my eye?

Earth Sanctuary


Sepia road at the end of the drive

Winter-framed by grey poplar on one side

Evergreen-frame for the rest, bush and bough

The road covers over that which abides


Across the road is a large working barn

A man is laboring, tending the ground

Frost covers the field, diamond-sparkling cold

Above, a highway, muffled traffic, the sound


Cattle in the field breath white plumes in the air

Arching o’er the field at the top of the hill

An elaborate house, all windows, one side

This scene is viewed from Earth Mother’s reside


The house is on land both ancient and deep

Ferns sequoia-sized loomed in ages closed

Trails are riven through rotting leaf and log

Juxtaposed aeons in one single pose


The trails are dotted with stacked-stone cairns

Ending in circles of Henge-megalith

Prayer flags trail from the porch up through the land

Purple, yellow, green, red, wind-blown prayers


The house is a retreat, cultures swirled in time

Wall-Mart Mr. Coffee, Tenzin-blessed

Rubber Maid box in the corner holding

Bright white prayer shawls from the Lama, all pressed


All the time ever was in one single spot

All the people of earth living in peace

On earth as in heaven; above only sky