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Seems I forgot where I parked my time machine.
There’s no other way to be where I’m not.
Before you object and say there’s no such thing
Explain to me how I got to this spot.

Is there no beginning, is there no end?
Who am I, if not, a someone to be?
Without a someone, a somewhere, to portend
If there is no seed, then, there is no tree.

Unless all that is, is One, not apart.
No need for time without identity.
No need to find the end without a start.
Now appearing the One, the only Me.


It all started with a feeling
That something was not true
A steep mountain river rushing
Begins with a morning dew

How had we all come to this place?
It did not feel like home
Could it be there was track or trace
Of our one, true heart’s home?
I’ll tell the tale of a city
Two Rivers is its name
One river wanders so pretty,
To the sea from the plain

The other river is not seen
It streams to what is Real
Its flow has always, ever been
It turns an empty wheel

Its flow has always, ever been
It turns an empty wheel

Not a soul lived in this city
Was native to its soil
Ground to bits by grief and pity
For happiness they toiled

Rumors were whispered of a sage
From a land where all is One
“I’ll give the key that unlocks the cage”

He said

Only one actor’s upon this stage
You are me – and I am you
You are me and I am you
Around his feet we gathered thus
In his aura we did bathe
Questions posed with full trust
Turned like wood upon his lathe
Could we build a sturdy craft
One that could take us home?
There rose in him a mighty laugh
There is no place that is not home

There is no place that is not home
You are already home

Can you feel the flow of the river
The other River home?
Do you flow to what is seen
Or into the true hearts home?

This river flows not to, nor from,
It’s whirlpool center-drawn
It’s the river of Kingdom Come
The end of night, the breaking dawn
It’s the river of Kingdom Come
The end of night, the breaking dawn

Tracing a letter in water

Love’s finger moves

Energy meets matter, and how it behooves!

What word is written before being drawn to the deep?

What is the secret and how does it keep?

Appear, disappear in the same stroke

Like the track of a bird’s wing vanishes in Sky

There’s a one letter word and that letter is I

Before I becomes you and the whole tale is spun

Before there is One

Before you are born and therefore must die

See there is no One

I is a lie



The other night while having ‘sup’

Corner-eye seen, on table’s edge

A little bug struggled caught up

Twixt rim and glass, balled up in a wedge


The flick of a finger gave gentle fling

As he tumbled down to the rug

He gave a flutter of his wing

Lo! The tell tale spots of Ladybug


The thought of a child came to me

Could a Ladybug still be a he?

Whether he or she held no sway

Life in the bug was slipping away


Wanting with life to interfere not

I left he-she the struggle to live

Found next morning, in the same spot

Bug’s body had given all it could give


Gently to rest in Kleenex nest

Tossed into a wastebasket tomb

Reflecting the while to my best

Is Life he or she before the womb?


Would bug come back a he or a she?

Is past, present, future the order?

Could it, whirled in time come back as me?


No end is death, merely border

How deeply plunged in mystery

Had the tiny life taken me?

He, she, you and every me

Being itself; every possibility!