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God is a completely unnecessary idea, no concept is needed for Reality, for the energy and mystery; the obvious actuality of Existence that is the source of All that is.
Religion and spirituality are useful enough as rudimentary indicators, pointers, if you will, to what is underlying and emanating as life, itself, not “my” life but that in which life appears and disappears. Beyond that, as history can abundantly demonstrate, it can be counterproductive, even extremely destructive, to the full expression of that perfect subtle, indestructible, permanent, substratum that is the REAL. As soon as it is referred to it is gone.
Words are useless, but all we have, in this realm, to indicate, to turn the view inward to the perceiver, or, should I say perceiving, as, once this is realized, there can be no such a thing part from “That”. Undivided and indivisible. Full stop!


God is nothing but a concept, and not a very good one.  Anything with a definition is just that, a thing, and there is no such a thing as God.  Let’s be clear about this, once and for all.  God does not exist!  Existence, itself is not a thing, but that in which things arise;  in and of itself, it is, no-thing.  You are looking for something, most people are, which is why we miss it.  Quite literally, not figuratively, we are looking for what we are looking with.  Awareness, bare and without a name is that No-thing.  How can an eye see itself?

 More often than not we are looking in the wrong direction, out there where things appear and disappear, instead of into what never comes and goes, but that in which things arise, abide for a time, then fade.  There is one essence appearing as everything, but it is not a thing, at all, and, most definitely not some angry, vengeful, capricious, parody of a Supreme Person!  There is nothing to look for and nothing to believe in.

Just stop, for one split second and notice that there is nothing else.  Only this awareness, which is the state beneath all of the others that does not come and go. Waking, sleeping, dreaming, life, death, all of which, appear and disappear in that which does not.  There are no words for That, no definition whatsoever, and yet, once noticed, Reality is completely obvious. It is really no more complicated than that.

The nature of the universe is energy. Any physicist will confirm that everything is energy emerging into the visible spectrum from invisible “dark matter” as light and refining itself as the manifest universe. The greatest light show ever!

The jewel of attention is the mechanism of its operation in conscious beings. No special equipment is needed in order to test it’s pure power, as it is standard gear for all sentient beings. The word sentient means aware. Sit still for one second and peruse your surroundings and take note of its laser like intensity.

In the same way light, ordinary light, is focused into a powerful laser beam that can be used for any number of applications. What we give attention to is a very effective tool for aiming this very powerful instrument that can be used for investigating Reality itself, what we ignore fades into the subconscious. Ignorance can be used to create Heaven or Hell. Like any powerful tool it doesn’t care what it is used for. Sentience can be raised up to Heaven or cast into Hell. The myth of the Fall is very much about the power of ignorance. The division of Light, and tasting the fruit of good and evil, of duality, opposites.

What is Real is the light, what is not, is the illusion of its division. What is permanent is what is Real. What is divided and constantly changing into different colors and shapes is what comes and goes, has a beginning and an end, is shifting and shimmering in a marvelous display, but is really like a very clever trick. The light passing through the lens of a movie projector is an excellent metaphor for the same phenomena. The light on the screen appears to be real, to have dimension. One can be completely mesmerized by the story and the picture, but a mere glance to the back of the theatre will instantly reveal the trick. Don’t be fooled! The snake is telling you a lie!

Meditation is a very useful tool for achieving this awareness and restoring, sentience to its whole condition. The metaphor is used in any number of mythical traditions. The most obvious being the illumination of Buddha seated, unmoving, beneath the Bodhi tree. The onslaught of the power of Maya the goddess of illusion being seen through and defeated. To mediate or direct attention is the essence of the matter and has evolved past the need for metaphor and parable or the need for a religious context into a simple direct observation that anyone can do. All you need to do is notice the incontrovertible truth that you exist, which cannot be denied, even if you try. Who can deny their own existence? Who would that be?

What we direct our attention to has the power to illuminate or delude. The power of ignorance is very great. Meditation guides perception to what is Real and once it is seen it can’t be denied. Meditation becomes, always was, the permanent view. Everything shines in the light, indeed, is the light! The division between the seen and the un-seen evaporates.

Be asleep to the World and awake to the Self who is the Light. Ignore the light or turn in your seat and see that it’s just a trick, a great big show. Don’t fall from grace! Awake from the dream and disappear in the Light!

Everyone has a common experience which needs no verification from anyone else.  Each has seen the awareness of the body appear and develop and change.  At what point it became someone in particular no one can say exactly.  It is said to start at about the age of two.  Birth, infancy, childhood, youth, young adult, adult, old age and death.  The witness of these various stages has not moved one iota, has not changed at all; no time has passed for this one.  Who is that?  Who witnesses each moment, waking, dreaming, sleeping and deep sleep and does not move one iota?  Equally certain and needing no verification is the feeling of being, of existing.  No one can deny this common experience.  What comes and goes cannot be real.  With even the most cursory glance it can be seen, it isn’t complicated at all, it is completely obvious, but is seen only when the identification of this witness with and as the body is seen through and recognized as the mistake in perception that it is.  If you were the body you could not see the body!  What you cannot see is the seeing and that is what is real and is the beginingless source of being.  Being is not anything, has no form and yet like space holds everything.  This recognition is when time disappears and you disappear and the veil is drawn revealing the already permanently existing, underlying eternity, which often bears a remarkable resemblance to the one that just disappeared and yet, not.

There is nothing special about being awake because everyone is awake.  Being awake is the feeling of being, of which, everyone is aware.  No one can say they don’t have the feeling of existing.  We may launch an exhaustive search but that only takes us away from what is looking.  We may anticipate understanding someday, but that only projects us into a future that does not even exist.  Time and space are a continuum.  Only now is true.


That is the metaphor of the man sitting on a box of gold, begging at the gate of the city, and never looking in the box.


The perfectly ordinary perception that you are using to read this right now is that all-inclusive awareness that is the ground of being for everyone because everyone is awake, right now!


The age old advice is, be still and know I Am.


So many words, billions and trillions

One of them is the secret name of God

As soon as it’s spoken

God is nowhere to be found

No matter

Do we need “Him” to take the next breath?

With every breath a billion microbes are born, live their lives and are extinguished.  Everything is arising and disappearing in that which does not arise and disappear.  Being itself, naked awareness has always been, alpha to omega, without beginning or end and hardly ever even noticed because it’s always there, the substratum of waking, dreaming and sleeping.

That in which all of these serial states appear and have duration and then cease, but being itself does not.  It is indivisible.  Subtract everything and you are left with nothing.  What is that!  No-thing is everything!  You, the person, the entity are absolutely unnecessary.  This temporal self, this mischief maker, this poser, this liar from the beginning, the namer of things that need no names.  Names are just words.  Words are not the things that they name.  Things are not even the things, they are nothing.  Everything is Nothing!

There is not a single thing, no one, no where that is not being, seeing and knowing.